December 2019

The tank lid is replaced with a new gasket and new bolts.

Oil Tank Cleaning and Fuel Polishing

Following continued boiler failures and the discovery of water contamination in the oil storage tanks, JWH Tanks were recently contracted by a regional Police force to undertake the internal cleaning of two 18,000 litre oil storage tanks situated in a basement, combined with the polishing of 16,000 litres of oil using our mobile centrifuge. Despite […]

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Underground Fuel Tank Removal

Underground Fuel Tank Removal

Underground petrol tank removal combines the services of both cleaning and removing tanks. This example shows a number of relatively small underground petrol tanks (2000 & 4000 gallons) being cleaned internally, placed under gas free certification following a series of atmospheric monitoring tests, excavated and removed from site for disposal at a licensed waste facility. Once we have completed

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Cold Cutting Solid Filled Tanks

Cold Cutting Solid Filled Tanks

We are regularly contracted to undertake the safe opening of tanks previously deemed decommissioned. The process of making a petrol tank safe by removing residual product and filling the void with concrete has been common practice for many years. Unfortunately sub standard materials and ill informed contractors have left many tanks in a dangerous state, with large voids filling

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