Cold Cutting Solid Filled Tanks

cold cutting solid filled tanks

We are regularly contracted to undertake the safe opening of tanks previously deemed decommissioned. The process of making a petrol tank safe by removing residual product and filling the void with concrete has been common practice for many years. Unfortunately sub standard materials and ill informed contractors have left many tanks in a dangerous state, with large voids filling with vapours which can lead to fire and explosion if not dealt with correctly.

The work pictured saw numerous tanks varying in size exposed during excavations for a supermarket. The tanks were safely opened using non-sparking chisels to allow the residual petrol product and vapours to be safely removed prior to excavation. The client was given a hazardous waste consignment note for the petrol product disposed of, and a gas free certificate for each tank following a successful atmospheric monitoring test.

Towered concrete can lead to dangerous voids.
Towered concrete can lead to dangerous voids.

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