Foam Filling of Tanks and Canopy Removal

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Nick Saunders

Operations Manager at J.W Hinchliffe Tanks

canopy forecourt

This particular job was carried out for a long standing client at their branch in Dunfermline.

Their primary focus is on car sales, therefore the petrol forecourt had become redundant. The first port of call for this job was to obtain the relevant approvals from the local Petroleum Licensing Authority to carry out the works using our preferred methods.

Being a busy site, there was an emphasis on a safe completion of the job in as little time as possible, with minimal disruption to the operation. It was therefore decided to opt for foam filling the tanks rather than removal, as this operation could be completed in a single day

Once the tanks were certified as safe, work could then begin to dismantle and remove what was quite a large forecourt canopy. The aluminium under sheets were removed first as they can easily be reached and unscrewed from a small tower scaffold. All of the rest of the dismantling is then done at ground level to reduce the amount of working at height required.

Although the site was already heras fenced, a further temporary exclusion zone is created, and using our levering technique, the canopy is lowered to the floor to allow it to be cut into sections for disposal.

With the canopy safely on the floor, the entire frame can be cut into sections and placed into skips for disposal.
Using the same JCB, the pump islands are then demolished to ground level ready for new tarmac as requested by the customer. In order to leave the site clean and tidy, we employed the services of a road sweeper to leave the area spotless. The entire process was safely completed in four days, the customer was able to trade throughout the process.

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