Tank Cleaning – Highlighting Unseen Issues

Picture of Nick Saunders

Nick Saunders

Operations Manager at J.W Hinchliffe Tanks

Having a fuel or oil tank cleaned is not simply about removing sediment or dirt from the base of the tank. Tank cleaning is also about preventing future incidents and highlighting issues that may go un-noticed during a routine pressure test or visual inspection.

During recent tank cleaning operations, we have come across a number of incidences of corrosion in the bottom of tanks. Some have come from water ingress or condensation, some from poor tank design, such as the omission of a striker plate. In some cases it has been too late and a tank has already been taken out of service, however by instigating a tank cleaning schedule, you can monitor the condition of your tanks, before it gets too late.

If you would like to discuss tank cleaning and how your organisation could benefit, please feel free to call 01132635163 or email [email protected] for advice and information.

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