Putting in the miles

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Nick Saunders

Operations Manager at J.W Hinchliffe Tanks

Putting in the Miles
Tanks exposed following cleaning in Buxton

So we’re just about half way through the year, and it seems like we’ve blinked and missed it. Over the past six months we’ve been fortunate to carry out tank cleaning and tank removal work in a host of locations across the UK for both public and private sector clients.


We’ve carried out diesel tank cleaning and petrol tank cleaning in areas such as Somerset, Dorset and London, through and up into Scotland and countless places in between. In some of these locations we’ve also been instructed to carry out tank removals and tank decommissioning using both foam and concrete fill methods.

It makes us immensely proud to realise that a combination of competitive pricing, efficient service and importantly a desire to carry out work safely has brought return business from numerous locations across the UK.

In addition to our tank cleaning and tank removal works, we are also pleased to have been selected by a prominent university to carry out tank inspections across multiple campuses. This will involve inspecting a variety of fuel and oil tanks with a view to determining compliance with current fuel and oil storage legislation and best practice. Upon completion of the inspections, we’ll issue a report in spreadsheet format for each particular asset, with suggestions on remedial actions and anticipated costs.

As we move into the second half of the year, we are looking forward to some of our upcoming projects which currently include forecourt decommissioning and of course plenty of tank cleaning and tank removals.

Forecourt canopy being lowered – also in Buxton



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