Underground Tank Removal

Underground Tank Removal

This case study looks at a recent underground tank removal that encompassed a number of our services, as the site was not only very small, but had additional live tanks that didn’t require removal. The site consisted of a triple compartment tank that was redundant, with an additional petrol tank that was still in use. The redundant tank was situated directly underneath the canopy and in close proximity to the kiosk.

Our underground tank removal team were contacted to advise on the safest and most cost-effective method of removing the redundant underground tank. Underground tank removal has been at the heart of our operation for many years. This experience proved pivotal as we were able to develop and implement a plan that ensured safe removal of the redundant tank without having to either remove the canopy or disturb the adjacent kiosk. Initial suggestions were to water fill the petrol tank, however, for such a short duration task, this would be both costly, and generate large quantities of additional waste.

The decision was made to open and clean the petrol tank internally, thus allowing a gas-free certificate to be issued. A safe system of work was developed and submitted to the local petroleum officer for approval. With all the correct approvals in place, work on the underground tank removal began with the internal cleaning of both the petrol and the redundant triple compartment tank. With all petrol removed from site, and all tanks under a gas-free certificate, excavation works could begin to expose the tank scheduled for removal.

Underground tank removal can regularly involve creating large excavations in order to remove the
tanks from the ground. However, the proximity of the kiosk and canopy were preventing this, so the
tank removal was carried out in sections. The top was removed from the tank, thus exposing the
main body of the tank. This section could then be removed in pieces, resulting in minimal disruption
of the surrounding area.

Upon completion of the underground tank removal, all relevant documentation was issued to the
client. The excavation was handed back over as required to allow soil sampling to be carried out and
the area validated in preparation for backfill.
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