Forecourts becoming clogged – not just with cars!

Picture of Nick Saunders

Nick Saunders

Operations Manager at J.W Hinchliffe Tanks

Preparing for Underground Fuel Tank Inspection

We have been taking a number of calls relating to forecourts suffering with issues such as clogged up pumps through to customers suffering damage due to fuel contamination. As with any operation, it is essential to maintain equipment, and a fuel storage tank is no different. Have the tank periodically cleaned, even as little as every 5-7 years, can prevent these issues from occurring, and it’s not as expensive as one might think.

As we all know, fuel is dirty, and over time the by product of fuel (straight forward sludge) will be left in the tank. This can indeed be accelerated if there is water content in the tank, as this will promote micro-bacterial growth, however with a thorough clean, a tank can be restored to its original glory, thus eliminating the worry of having to call out the pump engineer every time a filter blocks.

We carry out numerous reactive tank cleans through the course of a year, but the benefits of proactive tank cleans go much further!

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